Boiler Face Plate w/Expansion Folds

A boiler gets hot, really hot. And when it does, the walls expand.

To help control expansion, one solution is to cut slots in the walls and weld “Expansion Folds” over top of these slots.

Expansion Slot
Expansion Slot
Welded Expansion Fold
Welded Expansion Fold











This gives the plate a little more room to expand as the pressure builds in the unit. They are placed around the plate helping it expand as it heats.

Boiler Face Plate
Boiler Face Plate

Chutes and Hoppers

hopper gray

Getting Your Materials from Point A to B!
Everyone’s Hoppers and Chutes are a bit unique. They have to fit back in place just right. Getting that fit correct is something we know at Riggs.

Y hopper       orange chute

A new custom replacement for a worn out unit or a rebuilt will fit like a glove. Access doors, cleanouts and manways back where they need to be.

open hopper    custom hatch door

You’ll be happy you chose Riggs.

hopper 2A

Specialty Blinds – Target Blind

Used during testing and turnarounds, the Target Blind is another example of the specialty blinds Riggs custom designs.

There’s a reason companies choose Riggs for their custom blind work. With other places, if it’s not on the shelf, they just can’t help you. That’s not how we work.

This Target Blind is the perfect example of that. From Spectacle Blinds with machined finishes to Double Bleeders with welded valves. “Not on the shelf” is never an excuse at Riggs.

Photo by Steven Bratman / CC by

Cooling Tower Fan Guards

cooling tower fan guard

As original steel guards deteriorate and go out of service …

They become dangerous to work on when removing to repair fans, bearings and shafts.

These new aluminum replacements designed by Riggs Machine are lighter and easier to handle (especially for the size!)

This means unit maintenance is faster, safer and more cost effective.